Copenhagen Light Festival at Broens

February 2nd - 25th

Broens participates in Copenhagen Light Festival with two stunning artworks. You can experience the to pieces every day until 22.00 throughout the entire Festival, and the visit can be combined with a spin on the ice. Additionally, we offer hot drinks at the bar and delicious street food from our food stalls.


What is Cph Light Festival

Copenhagen Light Festival is an annual celebration of light art and design in the heart of Copenhagen. Over three weeks, the festival showcases a variety of light-based artworks, including sculptures, installations, projects, events, and illuminations.

Most of the artworks are located along a route in the city center, while a few are placed outside the area. The festival invites both international and local audiences of all ages to explore the city during the dark and cold month. 

Copenhagen Light Festival på Broens Skøjtebane. Værket flow

Flow by Sofia Ivarsson and Mariliis Kundla

Flow is inspired by the water. The artwork consists of thousands of small mirrors forming a long wave that stretches along the quay. It moves freely in the wind, glimmers in sunlight, and reflects the city lights during the dark hours.

The artwork temporarily disrupts the urban space, aiming to draw attention to the site's qualities by inviting people to pause and marvel at the play of light. It is a passive light art piece that does not use electricity, allowing it to be experienced at any time of the day.

Flow is created by the artist Sofia Ivarsson and the lighting designer Mariliis Kundla.

Copenhagen Light Festival på Broens Skøjtebane. Værket flow
Copenhagen Light Festival på Broens Skøjtebane. Værket Crystal Greenhouse

Crystal Greenhouse by Shared Space & Light

At first glance, Crystal Greengouse appears to be an ordinary greenhouse. However, images and sound create an impressive illusion that emanates from specific angles.

Visitors will experience visually captivating organic crystal processes, accompanied by a beautiful sound backdrop from Owen Crouch, blending authentic field recordings, digital sound effects, and ancient acoustic tones.

Shared Space & Light is founded by Chris Grottick, Giles Thacker, and Kate Laird.